637 Marshland Road, Ouruhia, Christchurch 8083 secretary.nsc@gmail.com


The Netherlands Society Christchurch provides a social environment for persons of Dutch descent or persons who have an active interest in Dutch culture. Our Club rooms are located at 637 Marshland Road, Christchurch NZIn 1965 the Netherlands Society Christchurch was founded.

This was in response to the large migration of people from the Netherlands in the 1950’s. It was formed so that the migrants had a place to share experiences and socialise with people of a similar background.

Several affiliated clubs emerged; card clubs, folk dancing, drama and a carnaval club, tramping, walking and petanque to name a few. Now there is also a very successful social club; The Youth of Yesterday, who meet on a Friday morning.

In 1972 the club bought a property in Ouruhia, which was a Golf Club and on this property built club rooms. Both still exist and are managed by the Netherlands Society Christchurch Inc and the golf course is leased by the Everglades Golf Club.

Today the Netherlands Society organises social events on a monthly basis. Most are open to the public with the largest event being the annual St Nicholas Picnic that was held at Spencer Park until 2019. In 2020 the front lawn area of the Club rooms got re-arranged to be able to hold these kinds of events at the club itself.

The Society supports Dutch initiatives in the wider community such as the Friendly Support Network, Toenail Cultural Ale, ECHO Radio and The Neerlandia Choir.

They also participate in community events such as the Christmas Parade and Culture Galore etc.

Membership is open at $42 for a family and $30 for an individual. Members receive a monthly newsletter and reduced entry to social events and a reduced rate to hire the venue.